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Each PI Congress features the PI Keynotes, a selection of presentations from World changing innovators. They are individuals who have revolutionised the way we see product design and creation, either as visionary thinkers, through work on unique projects or as legendary innovators.

Both fascinating and inspirational, the PI Keynotes take place at the start and end of each day. See the PI Keynotes here.

PI Keynotes

After years of success as the PLM Innovation Congress, PI PLM is a showcase for all things Product Lifecycle Management. Independent and technology agnostic, the event offers numerous case studies from multiple industries. An international cross section of speakers will demonstrate both best practice in PLM, as well as insights into the PLM tools that give companies the information and organisation to bring new innovative products to market and to manage them efficiently through their lifecycle.

PI Keynotes

PI Design explores the exciting developments and applications in CAD, CAE & simulation. The focus of the event is to assess the strategies for effective collaborative design, compare the product design tools that enable creativity and discuss evolving design processes.