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Peter Smith


Peter Smith

Peter Smith
President VF International Supply Chain, VF International, Switzerland


Peter Smith holds the position of President, Supply Chain at VF International. As a supply chain and operations executive, Peter has more than 20 years of management and leadership experience in multiple industries and is primarily focused on the consumer goods/apparel industries. He has extensive experience gained from roles including VP, CIO, COO and President in both retail and wholesale businesses. 

Presenting: Is Innovation through PLM Right for you?

25 Feb 2014, 09:00

In the current market, industries are funnelling money into R&D and innovation to remain competitive. In doing so, an obvious move is investing in PLM, but Peter Smith questions how much thought is really going into this investment and the work that is needed to realise it's true potential.

  • PLM is for life, not just for Christmas
  • Ensuring a full feasibility and appraisal process so PLM is a long-term strategy and not a knee-jerk purchase
  • What are the exact business goals and objectives you want to achieve and do the majority fall under PLM's mandate?
  • Systems contemplation - is PLM the right technology or would another major system suit you better?
  • Overcoming delusions of easily attainable and immediate PLM solutions
  • 'Baby Steps versus Giant Leaps' - prioritising long-term ROI over short-term gains to ensure success