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Hans Vermeulen


Hans Vermeulen

Hans Vermeulen
Founding Partner, Architect, DUS Architects, Netherlands


Hans Vermeulen is a Founding Partner of DUS Architects. He is currently focussed on 3D Printing and its effect on the building industry, architecture and the making of cities.

Presenting: 3D Printing: A Global Market Update

26 Feb 2014, 02:15

  • Identifying the emergence, and evolution, of 3D printing technology
  • Discussing the current state of corporate and mainstream 3D printing
  • Who should be using 3D printing now?
  • Are there specific industries that 3D printing complements best?
  • Who should 3D printing investment lie with in the organisation?
  • What are the future benefits of 3D printing for design and manufacture?
  • Should you use a 3rd party service or take 3D printing in-house?
  • What is the materials palette? Can this be extended?