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Henrique Ladeira


Henrique Ladeira

Henrique Ladeira
PLM Program Senior Manager, Embraer SA, Brazil


Henrique Ladeira is PLM Program Senior Manager at Embraer SA. In this role, he is in charge of deploying a new PLM environment for Embraer in order to integrate Embraer’s extended enterprise; its people, lean processes and technologies throughout the product lifecycle.

Presenting: Panel Discussion: Where Should we Focus Resources to Ensure that PLM is a Successful Long-term Investment?

26 Feb 2014, 02:55

  • Understanding that PLM is a learning process and each step should be built upon previous mistakes
  • Ensuring active executive support & investment
  • Ensuring people get a business solution, not just another system
  • Maintaining business commitment and competitiveness
  • How do you assure the PLM implementation is not cementing the as-is situation, but is really future proof (and flexible)
  • Building a strong data model involving all team reps prior to system configuration
  • Getting your solution provider to provide a company specific value stream solution
  • Defining a good end user support strategy
  • Managing cultural change because political battles are inevitable and most people are not willing to accept change
  • Going live step by step - start small and don’t grow too fast in terms of functionality
  • Using PLM as a base for collaborating effectively with suppliers and customers
  • Implementation across multiple product lines is complicated; what strategies or techniques break the implementation down into manageable chunks and still maintain the business value of PLM?