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Moises Martinez-Ablanedo


Moises Martinez-Ablanedo

Moises Martinez-Ablanedo
Configuration Management Expert, Airbus Group, France


Moises Martinez-Ablanedo holds the position of Configuration Management Expert at Airbus Group. As an expert, he analyses innovative solutions, such as evolutions of business processes or new multi-disciplinary approaches and conducts actions for disseminating the technical knowledge and the information from the intelligence network.

Presenting: Moving Beyond the Limits of the Process Link between Design and Manufacturing

26 Feb 2014, 11:15

Case Study - Conweaver GmbH

Design and Manufacturing at Airbus are independent business processes supported by two different software platforms: PLM and ERP. The data is very rigidly connected through traditional application interfaces and this creates challenges to data exchange, traceability and communication.

  • How can dynamic data linking create an intelligent cross-process product-brain?
  • Enabling the automation of manual tasks such as the “interdisciplinary” transformation of design BOM into manufacturing BOM
  • How much automation is possible?
  • How smart could it be?