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Keith Connolly


Keith Connolly

Keith Connolly
Administrator, Product Configurator Systems, S&C Electric Company, USA


Keith Connolly is currently responsible for S&C’s global Configurator Model Development with part of his duties including the management and administration of model integration between their PLM system and Oracle's EBS. This also includes Oracle Configurator model development and Configurator Developer model BOM construct complete with advanced catalog group attributes and all pertinent model data required to establish model structure.

Presenting: Focus Group - Transforming Company Culture to Support Long-term PLM Success

25 Feb 2014, 03:10

Taking a purely superficial view of a PLM roadmap, one can break it down into three major stages: selection, deployment, integration. Getting the right tool in place for your company is a difficult task but for the most part, the difficulty comes from trying to match the capabilities of a vendor with your pre-determined vision. What some would argue is even more complex is how you then get your workforce on board.

People can make or break PLM; it is crucial to overcome reverence to existing company history and systems and tackle the resistance to change head on.

Drawing upon their collective wealth of experience, Alec Gil and Keith Connolly discuss the potential cultural challenges and successes when implementing new enterprise wide systems.