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Jos Voskuil


Jos Voskuil

Jos Voskuil
Consultant, TacIT, Netherlands


Jos Voskuil, aka virtualdutchman from his blog, has been working for over 20 years in the world of PDM and PLM in a unique role:  interfacing between all stakeholders involved in a PLM implementation. Using his experience of implementing and leading PLM implementations in the mid-market during the nineties, Jos has focused on areas of coaching implementation teams, mediating installed PLM implementations, explaining best practices for PLM awareness and the need for change management in order to achieve strategic business goals.

Presenting: Evolving Data Format and Accessibility to Promote a More Modern Approach to PLM

25 Feb 2014, 03:10

Some of the most resource-consuming functions related to PLM deployment is the inputting, labelling and then searching of product data. With Generation Z depending solely on fast connections and unchallenging useability, this has got to change and Jos Voskuil will discuss the era of Modern PLM and its implications.

  • Understanding ‘Modern PLM’ as a mixture of big data and classical PLM structured data
  • Are initial stages of PLM implementation now more about connecting data versus inputting of data?
  • What are the differences between structured and unstructured PLM data?
  • How can organisations save resources adopting an unstructured data approach?
  • What are the implications of an unstructured approach in forming a more dynamic and trending business strategy?
  • How have the people had to evolve to support this culture change?