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Katja Tschimmel


Katja Tschimmel

Katja Tschimmel
Professor, ESAD , Portugal


Katja Tschimmel is both an academic  at the Higher School of Art and Design ESAD and Porto Business School and Owner of NA’MENTE – Consultancy and Training of Creativity and Design Thinking. She believes that raising awareness about the factors which incentivizes creativity, contributes to more efficiency in learning and innovation processes.

Presenting: Integrating Design Thinking and Creativity into Professional Environments

25 Feb 2014, 11:30

Dr. Katja Tschimmel joins PI Berlin to discuss the shift from design methodology to the currently favoured design thinking model. Katja will discuss how designers think throughout the design and innovation process. 

  • Presenting a theoretical and practical explanation of design thinking
  • Explaining the evolution from design methodology to design thinking
  • Exploring the most used models
  • Discussing new approaches and new tools involved in the creative process