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Stephanie Hankey


Stephanie Hankey

Stephanie Hankey
Co-Founder & Executive Director, Tactical Technology Collective, Germany


Stephanie Hankey is Co-Founder & Executive Director of Tactical Technology Collective, an association she founded in 2003. Stephanie is currently developing Tactical Tech's work on influence and visual persuasion and leading its new initiative on data shadows and political engagement.

Presenting: PI Keynote - Ethical Technology Design: Asking the Difficult Questions Surrounding What Data is Collected, Stored and Aggregated

25 Feb 2014, 05:40

The Tactical Technology Collective’s primary goal has been to gain a greater understanding of how technology and effective processes contribute to social change. Especially in repressive cultures and societies,  digital tools lack effective privacy and security as they lead to data trail and shadow creation. The collection of these small traces of data/information can be useful or very dangerous depending on the people they reach. As such, the Collective’s diverse team of information specialists, technologists and designers work across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa to strengthen the information activism movement.

So you might ask why this is applicable; from the social media platforms you use in your personal lives to the online data collection platforms used in your day-to-day functions, any digital tool you use will leave a trail. These can be generated from your PC, iPhone and even your wifi connection. The question therefore we need to ask before trying to understand the implications is, ‘is technology designed in an ethical way?’. Do we as a society or as a business, really understand what data is collected, stored and aggregated beyond what we want to save? And if not, what is this data, what could happen if it is leaked and how can we prevent this?

Stephanie Hankey is Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Tactical Technology Collective and is currently developing their work on data security and civil engagement.