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Bas Lansdorp


Bas Lansdorp

Bas Lansdorp
Co-founder & CEO, Mars One, Netherlands


Bas Lansdorp is a born entrepreneur with a passion for ambitious projects. He is Co-founder and CEO of Mars One, the Dutch foundation that aims to land the first humans on Mars in 2025. Mars One is one of the most established names in the world of space exploration and aims to send its first unmanned demonstration mission to Mars in 2018.

Presenting: PI Keynote - Establishing a Permanent Human Settlement on Mars

25 Feb 2014, 08:15

With more than 7 billion people living on Earth today and that number increasing every minute, the planet is rapidly becoming overcrowded. An obvious solution to this is to establish new settlements in new territories but the where’s and the how’s of such an operation are difficult questions to answer. Many planets and moons have been proposed but it is Mars that has been selected as the most promising candidate and though settling here was once only a thing of science fiction, today’s technology makes such a project possible.

In 2011, Mars One, a not-for-profit foundation based in the Netherlands, formed to develop a strategic plan for taking humanity to Mars. A feasibility study supported by space agencies and private aerospace corporations around the world incorporated technical, financial, social-psychological and ethical components into its foundation strategy. They plan to integrate well-tested and readily available components into the mission strategy and aim for the first footprint on Mars to captivate and inspire generations to come. This project is crowd funded and as such, supported solely by public finance.

The mission strategy consists of cargo missions and unmanned preparation of a habitable settlement, followed by human landings. In the next few years, a demonstration mission, communication satellites, two rovers and several cargo missions will be sent to Mars that will set up the living and working outpost. The search for Astronauts began in 2013 and generated 78,000 registrations in the first 2 weeks. Those chosen will undergo rigorous training for permanent settlement and the overall project will be designed to support the expansion of the colony where a new crew arrive every two years.

Bas Lansdorp is Co-Founder & CEO of the project and will talk us through the initial concept, the strategy to date and the technologies that will support such a mission.