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Roger Tempest


Roger Tempest

Roger Tempest
Co-Founder, PLM Interest Group, UK


Since 2004, Roger Tempest has led the PLM Interest Group in the quest to make PLM more practical and effective. The latest results, from the Financial Framework initiative, will be discussed at the Focus Group session in Berlin.

Presenting: Focus Group - The PLM Financial Framework

25 Feb 2014, 02:30

Quantifying the Benefits of PLM

Regardless of your PLM journey’s maturity, there is a long-standing demand for solid metrics that can showcase the financial benefits of PLM deployment. It is the lack of these metrics that, to date, have impeded board-level support and company-wide buy-in. In March 2013 the PLM Interest Group launched the PLM Financial Framework that aims to establish exactly how the financials of PLM within a business can be calculated and managed. Roger Tempest will discuss the misconceptions surrounding PLM deliverables, how to build an effective framework to gather this information, who to involve in the project and how to ensure a common understanding and objectives.