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Håkan Kårdén


Håkan Kårdén

Håkan Kårdén
CEO Eurostep Group, Eurostep, Sweden


Mr Håkan Kårdén is CEO and Board Member of Eurostep Group and was one of the founders of Eurostep in 1994. In this role, Mr Kårdén has lead Eurostep through its global expansion and to its current position as world class experts in the design and implementation of standards based PLM collaboration solutions.

Presenting: Secure Data Sharing in the Extended Enterprise

25 Feb 2014, 01:50

How Standards like Product Lifecycle Support (PLCS) can Transform PLM and Industries

Collaboration with suppliers and customers involves data from in-house PLM, ERP and other systems. This presentation will describe how a standards based (STEP/PLCS) Collaboration Hub resolves current issues in collaboration including the vital protection of Intellectual Property (IP).