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Uwe Leonhardt


Uwe Leonhardt

Uwe Leonhardt
CEO, Intelliact AG, Switzerland


Uwe Leonhardt is CEO of Intelliact, an independent consulting company formed in 1998. Intelliact focuses on a uniform and integrated use of product data over the whole product lifecycle.

Presenting: Think Tank - Characteristic Repository: Global Product Development with Local Product Configuration

26 Feb 2014, 07:30

Many of the global active companies are in the middle of a product-related transition towards a globally organised and managed company. The business case is to establish an understanding of the product for local markets. Therefore, a common description of the product is essential.

Today’s proceedings don’t fulfil the requirements of globally aligned companies anymore.

  1. Global R&D has to be based on a generic product structure as well as aligned processes
  2. The product portfolio has to be described and characterized in order to integrate multiple views, i.e. market / sales view and engineering view

Therefore, the following questions must be discussed:

  • How to coordinate product development in relation to global and local requirements?
  • How to describe products from a market and an engineering point of view?
  • How to integrate the two views?
  • How to provide globally aligned characteristics within your IT tool landscape (PDM/ERP/Configurator/Shops etc.)?

Product classification and characterisation are key for global development and production in today's globalised environments.