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Dr. Michael Bitzer


Dr. Michael Bitzer

Dr. Michael Bitzer
Manager, Accenture, Germany


Dr.-Ing. Michael Bitzer is a Manager in Accenture’s Innovation & Product Development practice and has extensive experience in PLM Strategy and Implementation Projects in the Automotive, Aerospace and Industrial Equipment sectors. Bitzer holds a diploma in Industrial Engineering & Management and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on PLM in the Automotive Industry.

Presenting: Applying New Lean Engineering-IT Standards to Boost Global Collaboration and Process Development

25 Feb 2014, 10:50

Case Study - Accenture

Daimler AG is looking for ways to increase the efficiency of its global collaboration with partners and suppliers within the enterprise and beyond. Through this they hope to accelerate development and engineering processes.

To achieve this, Daimler decided to use ISO-standardized data formats, such as JT (ISO 14306) and STEP (ISO 10303-242) in engineering collaboration processes for defined scenarios.

In this presentation, Dr. Sebastian Handschuh and Dr. Michael Bitzer will discuss:

  • Overcoming the challenges of applying the ISO standards JT and STEP AP 242 XML to collaboration and development processes
  • Realising the benefits of this application
  • Putting standards application in context of the worldwide NX roll out at Daimler AG
  • Demonstrating how standardized data formats and processes can help to increase flexibility, efficiency and reduce time-to-market