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Dr. Ing. Thomas Kamps


Dr. Ing. Thomas Kamps

Dr. Ing. Thomas Kamps


Dr. Ing. Thomas Kamps is Founder and Managing Director of Conweaver and is responsible for strategy and sales. After leading positions at the Technical University (TU) Darmstadt, as well as Fraunhofer IGD, he launched Conweaver along with CTO Richard Stenzel in 2007.

Presenting: Moving Beyond the Limits of the Process Link between Design and Manufacturing

26 Feb 2014, 11:15

Case Study - Conweaver GmbH

Design and Manufacturing at Airbus are independent business processes supported by two different software platforms: PLM and ERP. The data is very rigidly connected through traditional application interfaces and this creates challenges to data exchange, traceability and communication.

  • How can dynamic data linking create an intelligent cross-process product-brain?
  • Enabling the automation of manual tasks such as the “interdisciplinary” transformation of design BOM into manufacturing BOM
  • How much automation is possible?
  • How smart could it be?